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Whether you simply require engineering, or you're having trouble getting a song from A to B, this studio offers expert ears and song craftsmanship to help guide the way. Need instrumentation in the way of drums, bass, guitar, or keys? Need a custom beat? The best producers are also musicians and we bring ALL of the above. Need coaching while playing or singing your parts? We'll do so in a 100% constructive and positive way.


Dedicated to the artist's most comfortable recording experience, you'll track through whatever effects you desire, using the industry's best compressors to keep you level over other musical elements. Dedicated to the best quality, we'll audition instruments, amplifiers, microphones and preamps until we arrive at the best sound.


The work on your recording project doesn't stop when you go home. Rather it's just begun, along with an extensive chain of mix/revision emails. With no hourly rates on mixing, we mix until the record is finished. Your goals become the goals of the studio.


A fresh set of expert ears is the key to a good mastering job. It's up to you whether we master competitively (i.e LOUDEST, BRIGHTEST) or just with great precision for a lasting work of art. Use the contanct form below to get started.


The Violin is the private home studio of Aaron Van Allen, dubbed "The Violin" after a favorite song by  fellow Philadelphia artist, Amos Lee.


Aaron is a master of drums, bass, guitar and voice who fell into the trade of recording immediately after high school. A student of Pro Tools since 2005 and frequenting many studios as either session musician or intern, gave him all the knowledge to master the art of making professional recordings. 

Flash forward to 2017 after much trial and error, Aaron decided on a completely professional approach, ditching the fans and windows along with the beginner grade equipment. Painstakingly perfecting his craft has led to becoming the best kept secret in professional recordings for everyone from the aspiring to the touring artist.

A few key points about the process to help you decide if this is the studio for you

Real sounds - Listening to your favorite records and chasing a like production can cause artists and even mixers at high-end studios to start reaching for shortcuts. We simply cannot condone this. Authenticity is the key ingredient in pro releases. For example: Just because you're making a pop record full of electronic sounds, it doesn't mean it will be ok to fake what is supposed to sound like a real drum set in a certain section. Programmed sounds offer a specific quality and live musicians offer another. Both are useful but faking one for the other is a pretty rough way to go about making a professional recording. 

Fixing vs Mixing - A reality of modern mixing is the ability and necessity of editing. Fixing rhythm and pitch mistakes can be something you need to do. However, your mixer/engineer has to be extremely wise in deciding when to do so. With unlimited takes and being able to punch-in virtually anywhere, you should be very choosy about the things you decide to fix. If we have the capability of getting it right up front, we should not lean heavily on the chance to doctor it up in post!

The never ending progression of recording - Lastly and most of all, it just comes down to the unquenchable thirst for learning and implementing all the latest/most useful tools and techniques in the business. If you've started to research recording yourself, you might have heard terms like comping, sidechaining, parallel compression-limiting-eq, analog summing, tape saturation, sum & difference equalizing, and on and on. There are so many tried and true techniques to be considered and so many new ones emerging all the time. Aaron keeps his ear to these things day and night!

Hopefully from all of this, you've gathered that these are great hands for your project to be in. Hear for yourself how recordings coming out of The Violin are second to none. 



Equipment including but not limited to:



Shure SM7

Shure SM57 x4

Audix D2

Audix D4

Audix i5

AKG D12 x2

Sennheiser 421 x 2

Sennheiser e965

Oktava MK012 x 2

Avantone BV12

Avantone CR14

Neumann U87




Fender Custom Shop Strat Alder w/ Rosewood neck, 50’s humbucker w/ 69’ single coils

Fender Custom Shop Strat Alder w/ Maple neck, Pearly Gates humbucker w/ noiseless single coils

Fender 69 Reissue Telecaster

Gibson Les Paul Special

Fender 62 Reissue P Bass

Fender 60s Jazz Bass

Takamine Pro Series 6 acoustic

Taylor Dreadnaught acoustic

Baby Taylor acoustic




1970’s Fender Bassman 50 Watt

Bickle 50 watt Custom Built Alexander Howard Dumble Clone

Vox AC4

Vox AC30

Vox Brian May Deacy Amp

Marshall OG20

Orange TT15

Peavey Classic 50

EVH 5150




Yamaha Rock Tour Kit(mahogany shells)

Ludwig Supraphonic

Tama Studio Maple Snare w/ wood hoops 6x14

Tama Studio Brass Snare 6.5x14 w/ 42 strand wires

Zildjian A custom cymbal set




Yamaha P115 88 key midi keyboard



Outboard/Mic Pre/Channel Strip:


Aphex 204 Stereo Aural Exciter

API 512

Avalon 737 

BBE Stereo 422A

Black Lion Audio Seventeen x2

Dangerous Bax EQ

Dangerous Compressor

Dangerous Dbox

Kush Clariphonic MS

Lindell Audio 7X Compressor

Midas Venice F32

Moog Analog Delay

Moog Ladder

Neve 1073

SPL Tube Vitalizer MK2-T


Summit Audio EQF-100 Full Range EQ

UAD Top Box

Universal Audio LA610

Urei 535 Dual Equalizer

Warm EQP-WA x 2



Focal Twin 6

Presonus Temblor T10 subwoofer

Avantone Mixcube

Event Tuned Reference 




Avid i/o 16x16 analog x2

Digidesign 192 16x8x8 analog x2


Computer Hardware:

Mac Pro 12 Core 3.46GHz Processors w/128gb RAM

Mac Pro 8 Core 3GHz Processors w/ 32gb RAM

Pro Tools HD2 PCIe cards

Universal Audio OCTO PCIe card

Universal Audio Satellite OCTO

Universal Audio Satellite Quad



Pro Tools HD 12, 2018, Ultimate

over 100 UAD plugins

Plug-in Bundles from:






Sound Toys


Vienna Symphonic 

Splice Sample membership

Ableton Live Suite


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